The following presentations and courses are available for your groups.

They can be held at your location and are affordable.


  • The Grand Slam of North American Bears – Covers photography, techniques, bear identification, ranges, behaviors, and how to avoid negative encounters with the four North American species of bears and what to do if they occur – 2.5 hours 

  • Outdoor & Nature Photography: Techniques, Ethics and Equipment – Covers techniques used to capture wildlife images and how to do so ethically and examines equipment used in the process – 3 hours

  • Wilderness First Aid – Covers techniques of how to size-up a scene, prioritize and provide treatment to injury and illness, when and how to seek medical help, when to consider evacuation and to be creative –4.0 hours – awarded 4 MN POST Board continuing education credits

  • Outdoor Survival Basics – Covers how to avoid dangerous situations, what to do and how to have a positive attitude if confronted with one – Covers critical medical needs – shelter, fire, water, food, signaling, orienteering and weather recognition – 4 hours – awarded 4 MN POST Board continuing education credits

  • 35W Bridge Collapse – Covers the history of the bridge, what caused the collapse, what was being done, reconstruction and a reflective look at how lucky we were that more were not injured during the collapse and rescues – 1.5 hours

  • Small Aircraft Rescue – Covers how to respond to a crash involving a small aircraft, how to safely approach, gain access and shut down small aircraft systems when required, legal issues and more – 4 hours – awarded 4 MN POST Board continuing education credits

  • Outdoor and Survival Skills For Nature Photographers – Covers my book of the same title by going over basic skills needed to have a safe and successful outdoor and nature photography session – 1.5 hours

  • Crime Scene Basics For Public Safety Personnel – Covers procedures needed to insure the EMS responder is safe at a crime scene and how to avoid mishandling the “chain of evidence,” create field notes, and prepare for court testimony and more – 2.5 hours

  • Minnesota’s Wildlife – Covers types of wildlife, why we hunt, fish and gather and a general overview of various species of wildlife germane to Minnesota – 1 hour

  • Photography For Public Safety Personnel – Covers the history of police photography, techniques used to photograph scenes involving vehicles, buildings, surveillance, injuries and how to store these images for future use if need be and more – 4 hours – awarded 4 MN POST Board continuing education credits

  •  X-Rays – An Inside Look At Injuries and Gunshot and Stab Wounds – By using X-Rays, the student is able to see “inside” a body at the damage caused by fractures, dislocations, gunshot wounds and more and why certain procedures are used to treat them. 2 hours – awarded 2 MN POST Board continuing education credits

  •  ATV & Winching Basics – ATV Basics For Law Enforcement – Covers personal safety equipment, legal issues, maintenance, pre-operation inspection, riding techniques, winching techniques and safety and field practice – 5 hours – awarded 5 MN POST Board continuing education credits

  • CPR/AED, Basic First Aid & Wilderness First AidThese three separate courses are sponsored and students will be issued certificates by ASHI (American Safety Health Institute) and are awarded hour-for-hour MN POST continuing  education credits