Upcoming Events, Other Other Stuff Including Things For Sale

This page will have entries added and deleted from time-to-time.

Upcoming Events:

Items for Sale:

  • Kodak slide projector with four trays – $45.00 HAS TO BE SOME SLIDE PEOPLE STILL OUT THERE!
  • Drill Doctor 400 – $45.00 – Sharpens drill bits 3/32″ to 1/2″ – Maybe ten bits sharpened after new sharpening stone put in – Has a case and paperwork – FAIR PRICE AND PAYS FOR ITSELF IN SHORT-ORDER!
  • Bucket of tools – $75.00 – About 100 sockets, open end, box end, open end and box end combination wrenches – S-K, Craftsman and other USA brands and of course, a few Chinese – YOU CAN EVEN KEEP THE BUCKET !
  •  Howa (makers of Weatherby actions) 500 bolt action rifle in .338 Winchester Magnum with a Leupold scope, Howitzer muzzle brake, has had less than 50 rounds fired through it and comes with at least a couple hundred rounds of expensive to purchase factory and my hand loaded ammunition –  $1,700.00 – This is the perfect moose and Alaskan big game rifle. This caliber does at 400 yards what a .30-06 Springfield does at 100! LIKE NEW!
  • Hand made 17 foot long cedar strip canoe – $2000.00 – This canoe is very nice. it is a “Norm Harris” design and weighs less than 50 pounds. Hasn’t been on the water in ten years and has been hung in my garage since then. Time to sell it to someone who will paddle it – BEAUTIFUL CANOE!
  • Ralph will consider photography assignments – Simply contact him